vfxAlert 5.0

Assists with Forex market trading operations

Use this operating assistant for the Forex market. Its main function is to provide binary options signals to CALL/PUT, the signals being loaded from an appropriate server and then displayed on the left assistant panel while the right panel provides access to browsing a trading broker platform.

vfxAlert is assistant for all traders in the Forex market, which provides the signals for binary options to CALL / PUT. The time interval, which is the prediction can be set for 5 or 15 minutes. Opening the desired trading platform, some of which have already been made in the tab "" Site Selection "", you can start to trading. vfxAlert program is designed as already experienced users and beginners. In any case, the signals for binary options - it does not guarantee a change in attitude of the currency pair, but only a forecast, so in any case, make your final choice based on their own observations and notes, and vfxAlert act as the primary or secondary tool decision.The vfxAlert is a trading platform for binary options, with free signals. The system loads the signals from a server and displays them in the left pane, the right is the built-in browser where you can open a trading broker platform and make trades. The vfxAlert is designed for beginners and experienced traders.

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